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Need style ideas?

Need style ideas?

Dare To Go There!

Dare To Go There!

January comes in w a big bang….then what? Nothing. Those resolutions start to fade and u may feel unmotivated …which leads to what I affectionately call the BEAR…
Bear + Winter = Hibernation


Here are a few tips to “wake up” that BEAR!

*Try a new Color! Semi/Demi Permanent Coloring is a great way to “Try On” a new look!

*Dare to wear makeup..but just don’t know how? Sign up for Make Up lessons!

*Tired of “watching” Celebrities?! Become one! Bring in photos of styles u “envy” and strut your stuff!

*Get a Facial! Get a Mani /Pedi! the Winter!

*Read an “INSPIRING” book

*Go “Outside” …u still need Fresh Air ..u know..

* Go for a nite out and show off your MAKEOVER!

See u at your next appt!

…..Let’s Get Started!

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Need style ideas? Check out our HUGE photo gallery now!

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10 beauty products you need for your 9 to 5

Finding Inspiration!

Finding Inspiration!

Ready! Set! Let's Create!

Ready! Set! Let’s Create!

Didi Green
* Hairstylist and Makeup Artist*
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