**Meet Desiree Jordan** The Sound of Networkhair!

Soulful Curls

Soulful Curls

“She has the grace of Vanessa, the star power of Celine, and the feistiness of Dorothy, not only could she sing at the Grammys but she could also present at the Oscars…”

These words, spoken by the legendary vocal coach Dr. Wesley A. Boyd, were used to describe DESIREE JORDAN….
‘Who is Desiree Jordan?’, you may ask, and in a very short amount of time, people have come to know, hear, and experience the talent that is Desiree Jordan…

Born in Washington, DC and reared in Silver Spring, MD, DESIREE JORDAN is an Alternative-Soul singer/songwriter/pianist. Growing up in the church, like most, she found her love of music in the youth choir, eventually becoming a leader and co-director. Realizing her passion for music and arts, Desiree then joined the Washington Performing Arts Society’s Children of the Gospel Mass Choir (COTG), which annually performs at the Kennedy Center as well as a number of other local churches and events.

From there, she was invited to join a COTG spin-off ensemble, Psalms Ministries, founded and directed by Thomas Dixon Tyler, a group that included the most dedicated of young musicians who trained in both music and acting performances. 

In 2004, Desiree entered her freshman year of college, joining the UMD gospel choir, and was invited to become a youth choir director at a church in DC at the tender age of 18.

In early 2008, word got back to her home church that she was no longer directing in DC, and she was asked to come back to create and direct a young-adult choir. Anointed Praise — a now multi-generational choir — debuted in June of 2008, and has since become increasingly in-demand.

Desiree is currently working on her EP, comprised of original pieces she has written and arranged. In addition, she leads her own Alternative-Soul band, DeseJo, performing throughout the DC-Metro area and New York, and connecting with audiences at a variety of venues. DESIREE JORDAN’s passion and enthusiasm for music shows no limits.–

Desiree Jordan
DeseJo Entertainment
Voice: (310) 954-2205

Didi Green
* Hairstylist and Makeup Artist*
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