Curly or Straight? The Great Debate





….Ah ..this article couldn’t have appeared at a better time! I recently straightened my hair after being on hiatus for about 6months..I am addicted to color and I wanted to grow my hair no color cutting..nothing …I cut it all off w/ a #1 guard and started over…..

What a great experience Again!

…one of my teammates at the salon.. took her time and unraveled my curlies .. pruned and polished them ’til perfection… however,while we were talking ..I mentioned how I have to prepare for all the comments and hoopla about my straight hair…its fun in the beginning I told her..but I feel I start to fade after a week or two and look like everyone else…then I HAVE to shampoo!

Ok..well no sooner than we were done …someone does what ALWAYS happens…. an unsolicited opinion ..that’s more offensive than NOT! … Most of the oohs and aahs were due to my magical length…lol I had been short for the longest time…but the next person…

“that’s very nice, yes, because that other style is very aggressive looking.”

My jaw doesn’t drop that often,however l excused myself politely and wanted to run straight to the shampoo bowl!

I have been natural since 1995 and worked in some of THEE most conservative environments! I have never been pulled aside or reprimanded for my hair! More than anything…its been complimented …and I chose the motto ..”Hair u can wear to work” from those experiences.

I would love to have a convo w/ this person, but my feelings of offense would be lost on them….INSTEAD of losing it…and risk my professionalism …I will continue to lead the IGNORANT by example….

Although I do not agree with everything/everyone in this article..its a start…I challenge U to continue the debate…as we continue to educate…

Remember ..stay TRUE to who u are and don’t fall prey to someone and their biases…. I have replayed that day more than a few hundred times… And feel I made the right decision….

I am going to keep my “aggressive looking” hairstyles and continue being ME
Didi Green!!–The-Great-Debate/2011-01-05/Blog.aspx?oid=1296700&fid=MS_BLOG&aid=208&hq_e=el&hq_m=2117290&hq_l=5&hq_v=b900820260

Trying to appeal to the masses can cause DAMAGE like this! I had to cut and start over..Nov '09!

Trying to appeal to the masses can cause DAMAGE like this! I had to cut and start over..Nov ’09!

Didi Green
* Hairstylist and Makeup Artist*
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