The Golden Voice

Modern day Cindafella perhaps…but without the comical antics of Jerry Lewis.

RE-discovered on the highway and thrust into the public eye over nite,
…the feel good… comeback story..
Everyone could use a little hope right now…
But,everything good has to have a dark shadow.

..and nothing this good is going to happen that easy and that fast right?

…of course counseling, should be in order….Insert Dr. Phil.

Where,how and who set this up?!
A whirlwind of blessings, to have a second chance at life and then air all the hurt and pain ..for the world to see…because ..

“Its just too good to be True!”

The undercover hurt and pain of addiction brought upon his family should have been dealt with PRIVATE..
..All this emotional stuff, was brought on way too much and way too fast…
..The poor man was so out of touch with things..he told one of his daughters he would buy her something nice…this man was just happy to have a hot meal , a hot shower, and clean clothes!
..Then Whamo! just as it exploded…news spread like wildfires that there was an altercation…
of course there was! …. years upon years of unanswered questions and hurt…and the universe only knows what else…

We as a people all could use a little hope and so could Ted Williams.

Ironically, we will all Stay Tuned.

Didi Green
* Hairstylist and Makeup Artist*
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