20 Avoidable Job Search Mistakes

Last week seemed to be all about being prepared…many discussions came about and I came upon an interesting “Eureka!” moment…
..while having one of those interesting convos, as we always do, I pondered the concept of how ppl have evolved…now this was based upon Weds Jan 17th’s cover of the Express newspaper…titled
“U. Dummies”…which discussed how the new generation of college students aren’t retaining the core content of their curriculum….I wasn’t surprised..
Why? Think about it..I will make construct the outline for you:
We will start w:

The Baby Boomer
….They have evolved and kept up w new concepts and technology,but not after around 1998 I will estimate…this was brought to my attention by a piece done by PBS Frontline..
see( Frontline Close to Home)post.

The 70s Kids
..The last of the “real” manners and ideals based upon the “old school” rules.. The first to see the birth of the internet..

The 80s Kids
..Smart and intelligent ..eager to get it done..the generation of..”Let’s see what the internet can really do”… But can be too eager and sometimes HARD HEADED!

The No Rules..WTF Happened Bunch
Hmmm..let’s ponder this..
..Spoiled..no sense of rules or authority.
..too tuned in..
exposed to way too much…
..What happened to respect?
..All of them aren’t that bad..however it only takes a few bad apples…not only that..
just turn on the boob tube!
How many brain cells, do u feel you lose w TV these days?!
Think the birth of the E-Books was really for nothing?!
No..people are tired of ignorance..
Aren’t u?


When all else fails?..ok i guess not :(

When all else fails?..ok i guess not 😦

Didi Green
* Hairstylist and Makeup Artist*
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