Wacky Beauty Tips! Got Ice?

No More Tangled Extensions!

No More Tangled Extensions!

We all love beauty tips,no matter how wacky they may be!
We are all willing to try anything within reason, for longer hair,better skin,health and maps to that darn fountain of youth!

Here a few “wacky” tips to add to the list!

*Do u wear extensions, weaves, hair pieces or clips?
Beat those tangles to the punch, by hanging your “girlfriends” with pants hangers! Shampoo,Condition,Brush and Hang to Dry!

*Got itchy Pink Eye? Are u or do u know a Nursing Mom? Drops of breast milk helps to clear it up! Yes it sounds far fetched, but I had 2 grandmothers and a mom from another country suggest it! And it worked!

*Baking Soda works wonders!
…Dip your damp toothbrush into baking soda ,then add your toothpaste for a brighter smile!
….Add baking soda to your facial cleanser for a soft exfoliatiant!

Post your wacky tips and share!


Put those pants hangers to good use!

Put those pants hangers to good use!


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