Toaster Purses and Graffiti

Real life Beat Street? Conventions? Yeah right?
Well.. I got proof AND someone to back that up..PLUS he has a rap sheet to prove it!

Check him out!

About Denz One™

Denz One™ is an international graffiti writer who started in 1985 on Chicago’s Westside. Recognized all over the world for graffiti, Denz One™ has appeared in over 225 graffiti related magazines throughout a 24-year span. Known for painting throughout North America, France, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands, Denz One™ has participated in a number of gallery shows, including Juxtapoz, C-POP and more. After completing the Denzunorthodox clothing line in 2002, Denz One™ created two pairs of Converse™ Special Limited Edition shoes for Converse Inc. (2007), and continues to expand the growth of Denz One™ Custom Toaster purses nationwide. Denz One™ is currently on tour in the US and abroad, working with those who are bringing graffiti to the forefront. This effort is to open doors for new and old school artists alike.


Undastream Magazine, Denver (2008)
Mass Appeal Magazine, New York, (March 2007, April 2007)
Day in the Lyfe, New Jersey (2007)
Rusted Freight Trains, Chicago (2007)
The Kentucky Post, Kentucky (2007) (1996-present)
Freight Train Graffiti by Roger Gastman (2006)
San Francisco Chronicle (2005)
Real Detroit Weekly (2005)
UR Magazine, Chicago (2003)
New City Chicago Paper (2003)
Chicago Tribune Newspaper (2002)
Channel 7 News Chicago (2002)
Miami Weekly Paper, Florida (2001)
Rap Pages Magazine, New York (2001)
Poland News post, Republic of Poland (2001)
Graphotism Magazine, London, England (2000)

Performances, Events, and Special Projects:
Scion car Co, Recession Session Graffiti painting exhibition St,Paul,Mn (2009)
Oakland Museum of California Lunar New Year Asian art traditions (2009).
T-Mobile Cell phone Co, Commissioned performance art for promotional advertisement (2007).
Converse All Star, Chuck Taylor: Denz One™ Chicago Graffiti Edition
(2 pairs) U.S.A., Tokyo, London, Canada & Germany (2007).
Silent Auction for Aids, Downtown Chicago (2007).
Silent Auction for Autistic Children, Oak Park, IL (2007).
Crown Royal®, Commissioned promotional mural (200ft x17ft) for the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, KY
Glacéau Vitamin Water, promotional billboard (100ft x 12ft) in Detroit, MI (2007).
Sprite, Division of Coca Cola Co., Commissioned performance art for new logo (2006).

Gallery Shows:
Dec 2011 DenzOne first solo show, Timfaulkner Gallery. Louisville,Ky
July 2010 Aerosal Warfare Gallery Houston, Texas
March 2010 Steel Wheels Railroad inspired art, Miami, Fl
Dec 2009 Cope 2 The Generations The Showroom Gallery New York,NY
Sept 2009 “Eastern Sentral & Pacific”, A Tri-Costal Graf Art Show Chicago,IL
July 2009 Gallery 475 Graffiti fetish live painting and display, Pomona,Ca
July 2009 510 Studio Gallery The Throw up style show Oakland,Ca
June 2009 Flat Iron Gallery present Diplomacy! Wicker park, Chicago,IL
June 2009 Downtown Independent Theater L.A. Art walk
April 2009 Identity Shop Louisville,Kentucky
March 2009 The Basement Gallery. Breaking Ground. Exhibition Bakersfield Ca,
Feb 2009- March 2009 Crewest Gallery LA. Sharpie Show
Jan 2009 PAC- Pacific Art Collective New Years San Francisco,Ca best Westin
Nov 2008 PAC- SESSION Pacific Art Collective Wanted Dead or Alive! San Jose,Ca
Oct 2008 University of Pacific, Reynolds Gallery Caps And Couture. Stockton,Ca
Sept 2008 “Eastern Sentral & Pacific”, A Tri-Costal Graf Art Show. Chicago,IL
June 2008 “Indy Windy love” Indiana University Northwest Gallery, Hammond,In
July 2008 “CalliGraffiti” East Asian Calligraphy &Urban Graffiti, Oakland,CA
July 2008 “Graffiti Fetish” Women as Canvas on Canvas painting, San Francisco, CA
Oct. 2007 “We Do It For the Love”, Sacramento, CA
Dec. 2007 “Suite Jesus”, Arts Info/ Juxtapoz Gallery. San Francisco, CA
Dec. 2007 “Royal Crowns”, Arts Info/ Juxtapoz Gallery. San Francisco, CA
Sept. 2007 “Eastern Sentral & Pacific”, A Tri-Costal Graf Art Show & Benefit for Alan Ket’s Defense (, Bloomingdale Arts Building, Chicago, IL

July 2006 “Eastern Sentral & Pacific”, Acme Gallery. Chicago, IL
June 2006 “Cope2 Graffiti Art Overdose”, Mc Caig & Welles Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
Dec 2005 Shangri La Gallery. Detroit, Mi
Nov 2005 Taxie Gallery. Paris, France
July 2005 Oaklandish Art Gallery. Oakland, CA

Feb 2005 Hot House. Chicago, IL
Feb 2005 Art Bar Gallery. Milwaukee,
April 2004 “Bomb Pop”, C-POP Gallery. Detroit, MI
March 2004 “Show and Prove”, Schlitz Gallery. Chicago, IL
Feb 2004 June 2004 Mars Gallery. Chicago, IL
Aug 2003 811 Lake Street. Chicago, IL
June 2003 “Sega Vega” Gallery. Chicago, IL
May 2003 “Revised Graffiti”, ARC Gallery. Chicago, IL
Jan. 2002 Hip Hop Culture and Science at Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. IL
July 2001 Dec 2004 “Graffiti Archeology”, Flat File Gallery. Chicago, IL

Collectors Include:

Artcrimes, Susan Farrell
Bonnie and Clyde Boutique, Chicago, IL
Burrell Advertising, Ms. Janice Kelly
Converse All Star Shoe Inc.
C-POP Gallery
Dr. and Mrs. J Murphy
Global Kinect Conscious Marketing, Liat Cohen
Hip Hop Culture and Science at Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. IL
Kat Von D, Tattoo Artist (L.A. Ink)
Kalizion, Rap Artists
Klip Art
Mr. Abe Tomas Hughes III, Museum of Contemporary Art (Board Member)
Mrs. C.A. Workman
Ms. Charity Piety, Oak Park Illinois Art Council
SEEN, Godfather of the Graffiti Movement
Sprite Co.
Too Short, Rap Artist
Cope 2
Spinellis pizza ria Louisville,Ky
T-Mobile Cell phone Co.
Trixter, Godfather of Graffiti in Chicago, IL

Contact Information:

Hot Date? Girls Nite Out? Grab one of these!

Hot Date? Girls Nite Out? Grab one of these!


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