The Best of Paris Fashion Week!


One response to “The Best of Paris Fashion Week!

  1. Hairstylist, Sam Villia was in Paris recently
    And he shares with us the European trend report from the Mondial show floor. He was there as an educator but learned a ton in the process. He spotted amazing hair trends at the show and on the street and he shared all of his findings with us. Here’s his trend report:

    • I’m seeing a steady trend in hair that channels the 1940s, but the twist is that it blends aspects of the ‘70s and ‘90s too. It’s all about seductive, glamorous-grunge looks that appear purposely dehydrated.

    • Fashion trends are one of the biggest influences on hair trends, and right now, cut outs are big in the fashion world. Designers are creating intricate cut outs in their clothing, but then covering up the cut outs with sheer fabric. Two different types of fabric come together to create an interesting look. Translating that idea into hair, we’ll see lots of embellishment in the form of knots, plaits and braids to create multiple textures working together within one look.

    • A word that I heard a lot on the Paris show floor was “glunge.” I’ve actually heard Eugene Souleiman use the term quite a bit, too. “Glunge” is a combination between grunge and glamour; this means we’ll see a lot of roughed-up texture, hair that’s feminine but wild, sexiness and power working together, unpolished, slightly messy hair and multi-textured finishing.

    • On the contrary, a strong minimalist trend will be prevalent. Bobs are still going to be popular, but they’ll be styled to appear a bit more edgy and roughed-up. Short hair will have a more natural, scruffy texture and edges of cuts might be a bit more shattered. Texture will be created through elaborate layering and the art of disconnection will continue to be a great cutting technique. Hair will be all about texture, my friends!

    • You’re probably thinking, “Sam, did you see any smooth texture in Paris?” Of course I did! One of the biggest trends we’ll continue to see this season is the fringe, and this time, it’s thicker, bigger and better than ever before. Plan on seeing a lot of quiffs on women, and for men, you’ll see a lot of texture through the top of the head.

    • The biggest thing I learned from Paris is that finishing will be just as important as the haircut. The blow dry is back this season! Style the hair to play off of its texture. There’s a look for every personality and every haircut.

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