Summer Sizzle Tip # 18

You’re Out!

Trends come and go and change on a regular basis, especially when it comes to hairstyles. Take the bob, for example. Hair pros claim that this season, the A-line bob is definitely on the way out as fans of Victoria Beckham’s once insanely popular cut have waned. But don’t fret, because a new version of the bob has taken its place—the Box bob!

While the A-line version has a severe angle running short-to-long from the nape to the sides, the box version is (you guessed it!) boxier, with a design line that’s the same from back to front.

It has no angle and runs parallel to the floor for a clean, classic “Louise Brooks” shape.
The key to this cut is a clean, shiny finish so prep towel-dried hair with

( article suggests)
Macadamia Healing Oil Spray then blow-dry with a Denman brush following the shape of the head for a smooth, sleek finish. Finish with another mist of Healing Oil Spray.


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