Hair Extensions…. on a Softer Note

Cristina Ricci

Cristina Ricci

Quick Change

When it comes to their hair, celebs are the ultimate quick change artists. One day their locks are cropped—a week later, they’re long and flowing.

For an instant short-to-long makeover, celebrities rely on extensions, which was exactly what Christina Ricci did when she tired of her chin-length bob.

Stylists Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One salon in West Hollywood, California got busy and applied a full head of Great Lengths extensions for the star, completing the look with UNITE after care products.

They began by sectioning the hair and applying the extensions strand-by-strand at the base of the nape. They continued sectioning the hair and applying the extensions, working up to the crown.
Next, they determined the desired perimeter line and texturized the extensions to blend with the natural hair.

Christina requested a mid-length, naturally blended cut with a fringe.

To style, they sprayed the surface of the hair lightly with UNITE Shina-Mist for weightless shine.

Finally, they flat ironed strands, keeping the iron an adequate distance from the bonds since heat can cause them to loosen.

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