OPRAH’S Hairstylist Puts Foot in Mouth!

Curls asks on Facebook:

What do our “kinky’s” think of this quote from Oprah’s Stylist?

“Kinky hair can have limited styling options; that’s the only hair type that I suggest altering with profession al relaxing” ~Andre Walker

Here’s my response:

Didi Green

WOW!!! um that’s y I have clients w/ Retraction Alopecia ..and Stress Alopecia! ..this is y I have clients who have low self esteem and image issues ..for quotes like this from said “celeb” hairstylist..this is y..perspective clients come in asking for the unbe”weave”able ..trying to mask said “kinky” hair or the balding that has happened as a result of trying to do what “celeb” stylist recommends!..

Our profession is to uplift..motivate..and inspire! Not put down and make those w “different” or a “unique” texture feel less than BEAUTIFUL! ..ugh! I can’t say how irritated it makes me when women come in w this less than feel about themselves or their hair!

What do u guys think?!


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