Can I Touch Your Hair?!

Its all about Sectioning!

Its all about Sectioning!

Tip Of The Day and MORE!

Section Inspection

One challenge most clients face is properly recreating their style at home once they leave the salon. Help them out by doing a little section inspection to see how they section their hair when blow drying, says Sam Villa. For clients that need help, give a tutorial and they’ll be thrilled!
Sectioning provides more control of the brush, tension, heat, airflow and direction and proper sectioning will change the way clients style their hair forever,” Sam explains.

Here are his top sectioning tips:

1. Divide the head into four quadrants and section out each

quadrant; start at the nape of the neck and work your way up.

2. Use proper sectioning clips to isolate and control each section, and never take a section that’s wider than your brush.

3. Section depth should be about 1 to 1½-inches depending on density.

4. Hold the brush in your writing hand and the blow dryer in the other hand about a ½-inch apart.

5. Position the blow dryer parallel to the brush; NEVER put the nozzle directly on the brush, it will burn the blow dryer motor out, damage brush bristles and burn hair.

Check out this interesting topic,
“Can I Touch Your Hair?”

Fun Fun Fun!

If you are ready to tame those curlies and tap into your creative side! Try these CURLY looks for the FALL Season ! from

Simple to do styling, for any textured beauty!

Have straight hair? No worries !

Try these tips for a soft textured look!

*Shampoo hair the nite before using Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

* Towel Dry hair straight down..DO NOT ROUGH hair!

*Section hair into four parts.. Be sure to section the front, with your side parting. Detangle with a paddle or large styling brush.

*Apply a small amount of volumizing mousse cock tailed with a light, dime size amount (per section) of any Light Oil, Serum or Gloss.

*Braid or twist each section ..roll hair around like a cinnamon roll ( Princess Lea) and clip or pin to the head. Leave overnight ..Blast dry in the AM if still damp.

*Release each section .. Finger Comb and Style.
For MORE texture!
*Release each section ..Brush and Curl each section ..then Style.


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